Saturday, July 12, 2008

The best Pizza I've ever had.

Yesterday my friend, A, and I had lunch at Brooklyn Pizza in Downtown B'ham. This is by far the most amazing pizza in town! It is sold either by the slice or as a whole pie. The slices are huge and very thin. I had two pieces, a pepperoni and a margarita. I am posting a pic of what a margarita pizza looks like...Margerita PzzaThe difference between the above picture and the one I had at Brooklyn is that mine had both shredded mozzarella cheese AND lager balls of the fresh buffalo mozzarella! It was fantastic!

Actually the whole day was fantastic. We had a wonderful time at lunch (the pizza was followed by gelato..chocolate death and vanilla banana), and then we headed back to A's townhouse where my other BF, K, met us. K went to a wedding last night and was borrowing a dress from A. The best part for moi? A told me to try on a Bebe dress of hers. Now she is about 5'5" and very petite. I am 5'9" and currectly working on getting back into shape. I am not fat, but I am getting more toned because as I said before, I fell in love and became a porker. So I try on this dress, size M, and with fear attempt to zip it. It zipped with ease and looked pretty great! It shows more cleavage than I usually do, but I guess I should embrace that more. I mean I'm 25, now is the time, right? Anyway, she gave me the dress (tags still on, she is BEYOND generous) and I felt so giddy! Perhaps some of my hard work is beginning to pay off? I will post a pic as soon as I have a chance to wear it. I might wear it this Friday for my co-workers wedding reception. We will see.

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