Friday, August 1, 2008

Great Cooking Site

I am completely addicted to The Real Housewives programs on Bravo. A while back, I did some research on a few of the New York housewives and came across Bethany Frankel's website. I tried the recipe on there for the Spinach, Chive and Ricotta Pasta and it was so good! My fiance isn't always up for new things when I try them, and even he thought the dish was wonderful! The thing that is so great about Bethany's food is that its all rather healthy and uses fresh ingredients. She also has tutorials on YouTube, which are cute and informative. She is also coming out with a cookbook next Spring. She and Jill were my favorite "housewives" from the New York season. But no one can replace my Coto girls! I can't wait for the next season! Anyway, check out her site if you have time.

Speaking of cooking brings me along to Lisa Garza. I am ready to write about it now.....even though I'm still a little upset. Don't get me wrong, I like Aaron, and I was happy for him and his family, because this is an amazing opportunity for them. I just won't be setting my DVR to record all his episodes, is all. I guess I felt like the Food Network went into this season knowing what they wanted and I don't think they wanted another woman on the network! In Aaron's defense, however, I will say that he made the most improvement over the course of the season. his cooking was always good, but he improved with his "on-camera" persona and his ability to take direction. I hope he makes it, and I will continue to scour the Internet for Lisa's aprons! Maybe she'll write a cookbook or expand on the "Beautiful Basics" idea and turn it into a brand. I'd certainly jump at the opportunity to buy some of her products!


Blue-Eyed Bride said...

thanks for the comment on my blog. i'm literally headed out the door to go out of town, but will email you when i return about the candy buffet!

Lauren said...

I couldn't agree more about your comments on Lisa Garza. I loved her and thought she would make such a fabulous show. She is sweet, classy, and talented.

It seemed to me like the FN was trying to fill a niche with Aaron as opposed to looking for the best talent. I do like Aaron and am happy for him, but his cooking is not my style.

Enjoy your week!