Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Has anyone ever used The FIRM exercise tapes? My Aunt used then a few years back and got into really good shape! I've been exercising regularly at my local gym. I normally do cardio and weights, with abs everyday. I'm interested in adding more core work. Pilates with the reformer machine is amazing and I swear by it, but its also terribly expensive! Hopefully, I'll be able to get into another class soon, but until then, I need some feedback/suggestions! Let me know what you girls do to stay fit and if you've come across any good resources.

This winter, I plan to join a ballet class. I studied ballet my entire life and quit while in college. Its a good workout, and also a great release for me. Hopefully getting back into a regular class will also help me shape it ("it" being my booty!) up!!


Lizzie said...

I need to quit slacking and get into the gym! I took ballet for 11 years and miss it now, especially my body from then!!

Nicole in Michigan said...

I have tried so many things, I think the key is finding what you like and will stick with (for a few weeks at least) I love pilates but yes, it's pricey. Exercise videos don't work for me (because I get bored) I personally try to sign up for small group training at my gym, so I pay an extra fee to workout with 3 other women and a trainer 2x/week. Works for me! I think the ballet class is a lovely idea!