Monday, December 15, 2008

Busy Bee

Boy, did I ever have a busy weekend? Friday, I went to IKEA with my aunt and her two kids. We had a blast! On Saturday, I went to the mall and finished my Christmas shopping. I have one more gift to buy, which isn't available at the mall. Lilly was having a friends and family sale (additional 30% off), and I bought a very cute long-sleeved polo for only $20.00! On Sunday, B and I went to Mass, then Costco, then back to the mall! I also baked several types of Christmas cookies over the entire weekend. I'm about half way done wrapping, and only need to make one more type of cookie ( any votes?). Tonight after work, I need to make some brownies for our staff Christmas party tomorrow and fold my laundry! This is all so fun though! I love this time of year!

At the mall, B and I did some pre-registry shopping, i.e.- walked around Williams Sonoma and Macy's and started to decide on what we'd like to put on our registry. I have dreamed of registering my whole life! I know that sounds odd, but this is going to be so fun for me! When my sister and I were growing up, by mom used to take us to Hudsons with her when she was purchasing wedding gifts for friends and family. We got very bored the first time we went along, so my mom suggested that we walk around the department and choose our favorite patterns and pretend we were picking things out for ourselves. Well, we loved this game, and it has stuck with me all these years! I often find myself walking around the stores choosing my favorite china and silver patterns. I can't wait to do it for real!

Its going to be a busy week and a half! I hope you all are ready for Christmas and enjoying all the preparation as much as I am! I've been enjoying things in light on some annoying friend issues I've been having over the last few weeks. B has kept me focused on Christmas fun! I think I'm going to do a post on that this week and get your feedback. None of my friends blog or know of this one, so I'm safe.


Piper Jacquelyn said...

I can't wait to shop for my registry either, ha! I change my mind on china patterns everytime I go, but I think I could make a decision. Sounds like you had a busy weekend...have a great week!

JULIE said...

You are a busy bee! I feel the same way though - like I am running in a million directions at once trying to get stuff done.

S said...

Oh my, registering for wedding gifts is the most fun thing ever....and always. Go for it all, sweetie, pick out the best, most expensive, or the dreamiest FLUFF STUFF this is YOUR TIME! You'll be so surprised at how much you get and from people you never expected to give you gifts!

Wish you could come here for Christmas when my kids come are a kindred spirit with all of us... love and blessed wishes...Lamp Tamp

Jennifer said...

I have always played the same game at department stores! I have a love for china and I can't wait until I have my turn!

Always Organizing said...

I also can't wait to register! I have a list of items ready to go to make it easier when we go to register.

ps. We plan to register at Williams-Sonoma and Macy's as well!