Friday, March 6, 2009


Yes, the temp outside is 60 degrees! AMEN! I know that it'll get cold again, and it'll probably even snow. For today, though, I am going to be so thankful for the sunshine and reminder of warmer weather to come!


Vineyard Vogue said...

Isn't it wonderful?!? I was out on my lunch break and didn't want to come back to work! Its amazing out there! :)

Jennifer said...

I got Spring Fever bad too! I hope it warms up quickly for you!

GIRL FROM THE LAND of 10KL said...

It's warm here in MN too! Yipee for warm temeratures and sunny skies =)

Are you back to feeling 100%?

Have a FANTASTIC weekend =)

Cool Gal said...

Ahh...60. That sounds great.

It's about 45 where I live. I'll take it! :)

Enjoy the day!

Freck said...

Woohoo!!! Wasn't it great?! I actually went for a run with short sleeves on in the city :) Enjoy your weather!

jlc said...

Yay for Spring!!! I was so happy that today it FINALLY hit my area. :)

Have a great weekend!