Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Better late

Hi! It feels good to be back among the living. I was back at work today and feeling about 80% normal. I will spare you guys the details, but I will say that since Saturday, I've been the sickest I can remember being in my adult life, and I'm so glad to be feeling somewhat back to normal.

So, I'm really late doing a review on The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion special. I watched the thing twice while I was sick (it was being rerun), and here are some of my thoughts accompanied by some pictures (courtesy of google images). Here we go:

I want to start by showing you all a little picture that has popped up every single time I've googled the RHOC for this blog and this picture is hilarious!

Kimberly was only on Season 1 and therefore I didn't really form a strong opinion of her. This picture is also from Season 1 and she looks much better now. But seriously.....ew.

Now on to the real review. I love all the housewives, and Jeanna still remains my favorite. Simply put, Jeanna keeps it classy.

She may gossip and she may sometimes say rude things, but she is who she is and doesn't try to make drama for the show. An example of this is when she kept placing water in front of Gretchen at the "Etiquette Party". I don't know why people think she's a B, seriously, I don't get it. She's normal. And I think she did her best all season to try to make the newbies feel welcomed.

Now on to Vicki. I've always liked her too. I know she's a total psycho, but she's a good mom and used to be a nice wife. This season Vicki's head inflated and she started getting really full of herself. Now, I'm going to be a B. Vicki is not hot, but she acts like she is. She apparently thinks she's so famous that she better ditch her loving husband and start acting like a stuck up ass. During that reunions show she acted so innocent, it was funny. "I'm not mean" Uh, yes you are. And furthermore, you're transparent, jealous and come across as someone who is so excited to finally be apart of something that you'll do anything to stay "in". And you're mean. And I doubt you've ever cried over anything that Lynn has said about you. And if Jeanna made you cry its probably because she couldn't sell your house fast enough and your bad investment was bleeding money and it made you sad.
Oh, and try not to act so jealous. I mean, I get that you are jealous (we all go there sometimes) but try to stop being so blatant about it.

Lynn, per usual, was so boring during this reunion that I couldn't stand it. I don't think she deserves a picture.

Gretchen, Gretchen, Gretchen.

Okay, I think you're lying and here's why. If your "friend" tries to sabotage you, why are you still hanging out with him? She claims that she and Jay are friends. Okay, fine, but if he's trashing you to Tamra and "lying" about you, why are you still friends? I think that you're the liar. I think she loved Jeff. I don't think that was fake, but I do think she's shady and a liar and probably was being a "shady mcshade ball" while Jeff was in the hospital. Whatever though, she's okay and I hope she's back next season. I do wonder if Tamra's behavior at the race track had anything to so with the late night phone calls from Jay? Also, I had B watch this part of the reunion (I mean he was dying to watch it! Yeah right.). B agrees she's lying, and he is very good at reading people. He was a criminal profiler before he got the job in politics.

All I can really say about Tamra is that she acted to hilarious at the good bye dinner! She got so mad when Gretchen received her motorcycle. "Yeah she got the motorcycle I wanted." Lady, you just got a $30,000 bracelet from your husband, chill out! Which reminds me. Did anyone else catch it when Vicki said, "Who wants a motorcycle at our age?" might want to sit down for this and Gretchen aren't the same age. Then she tried to say 10 years younger. Nope, sorry. Sixteen years younger? Yep! And I'm certain there are many 46 year old women who ride Harley's and love it. She is such a HATER!

I still need to watch this week's NYC episode. Last week though? How absolutely hilarious was Alex's get up going to the beach? black Reebok's!!!! Hahahaha! She said something along the lines of, "Oh this isn't St. Bart's at all". Nope. I've never been to St. Bart's, but I would assume that black Reebok's don't belong there either!


Julie said...

OMG, is that what Alex was wearing? I was watching going "what does she have on her feet?" How hilarious. And yes, I used to like Vicky and now I think she is so mean! Also - she is so critical of other peoples children even though her son seems like a jerk most of the time (I like Breanna - she seems put together).

Julie said...

PS - Glad that you are feeling better!!!

Molly said...

Glad your doing better! I missed this whole season of real housewives of orange county and I love the show. I just kept forgetting to catch myself up. I love Jeanna, and hated Kimberly.

Jennifer said...

All I have to say is HAHAHA!!!! This is absolutely what I think, except I wasn't quite certain that Gretchen was lying. I was probably about 80-90% percent she was lying, but I always am the last to think anyone is up to something. Now that you revealed that your sweetie was a criminal profiler I am more like 100%. Ha! I am also glad you are feeling better.

GIRL FROM THE LAND of 10KL said...

WOnderful review =) I couldn't agree more with what you've said. Vicki used to be my favorite, but not anymore. She's let this pseudo fame get to her head.