Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The B Bday!

B's birthday is Sunday, and I can't wait! He's been working so hard this summer (to prepare for the wedding and honeymoon) and I'm so glad that he will finally have a day to relax! Sadly, the Red Wings lost last night (boo) so there will be a Game 7 played in Detroit on Friday. B's dad is trying to get tickets for the two of them to go as a birthday gift. On Saturday night, I'm taking B to dinner at Big Rock (surprised?), then Sunday he's going to relax and maybe we'll go to the farmer's market. I'm really eager to plant some veggies! Can you tell how busy he's been? Its mid-June and we're now just getting to planting.

I also plan to pick up a small ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins to eat either after dinner or on Sunday. I've been considering getting some type of theme. I'll have to see what's available. I just want his day to feel really special since he has to wait to get his real gift.

As some of you may know, Apple just announced the release of a new iPhone 3G S. B will be receiving one as a late birthday gift later this month. He is very excited about this! I am too. I like it when I can get him a great gift that I know he'll love! I just feel bad that he has to wait a few weeks for the phone to be available.

We had a nice time Sunday at the Big Rock Rewards party. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a single picture. This seems to be a trend with me lately. I remember to pack the camera, but I just don't remember to take any photos! We did enjoy ourselves! I wore the navy cashmere dress (its short-sleeved with a cowl neck), gold jewelry and brown wedge sandals. B won at the casino, so when we turned in our chips we received tickets to use to bet on various prizes. We put half our tickets in the bowl for a gift certificate to one of my favorite restaurants , Phoenicia (my good friend's family owns this amazing restaurant!), and the other half for a "romantic" evening at the Townsend Hotel. I'd love to win both! We also enjoyed some great food and drinks Sunday too. I especially enjoyed the Key Lime pie! Yummm!

I'm tearing through Julie and Julia! I can't put it down!


Lexilooo said...

they are making a movie of Julie and looks so good! I think it comes out later this summer, not sure the exact date though!

Lexilooo said...

ps. I loved the book too :)

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

Sounds like fun stuff to look forward to! I've added Julie and Julia to my reading list (when I finish my new Wally Lamb).

Always Organizing said...

June 14th is B's birthday? How funny! My fiance's birthday is also June 14th! Plus, his name also starts with "B".... How random is that?

Preppy 101 said...

iPhone = Great Gift = worth waiting for!! Happy B'day B!!

Micah said...

My hubby's birthday is June 13th and I'm getting him the 3G as well! He's pumped--it is too bad that they have to wait a few weeks to get their gifts though.