Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wedding Craziness

We're getting down to it here people! I'm starting to feel a little crazed, but in a good way!

*ordered my Bridesmaid's Gifts as well as gifts for my cousin and aunt/Godmother who are doing readings
*booked our rehearsal
*finalized the guest list
*finalized the Rehearsal Dinner guest list (we're just having our wedding party, not even parents. It'll be relaxing)
*agreed to attend my night from Hell Bachelorette Party
*have a call into the music coordinator at my Parish

Left to do:
*buy Flower Girl's basket
*have envelopes finished for invitations to go out a.s.a.p.
*print Rehearsal Dinner invitations

And about a million more things!

Found this helpful article while searching for how to deal with the stress. So I don't feel like this:


Heather said...

Good luck and try to enjoy the last bit of planning.

I need to take my own advice with 60 days to go myself.

LPC said...

You are going to be a wildly beautiful bride. In case no one has told you that.

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

Great job getting things checked off your list!

Always Organizing said...

I'm with you sister! I have less than 40 days to go and am becoming a bridezilla!

Jennifer said...

I have a feeling I might turn into a little bridezilla when it comes down to it! I am going to a Bridal Show on Sept. 30. I am really excited.

Muffy said...

Isn't it INSANITY?!?!? Can't wait to trade photos though! ;)

Julie said...

I am SO EXCITED for you :) It's all going to be wonderful.

The Pink Tutu said...

Sounds like you are doing great!! Lists are always the best way to get things done. Good luck good luck!

Beth Dunn said...

love the comic xoxo

Rachel H. said...

You can do it, and it'll be over before you know it! You've done a great job so far getting everything done. Keep it up!

QueenBeeSwain said...

big breath and one thing at a time- plus, you have a lot of the really major items done!

kick some rear


Ari said...

I love the pictures you posted with this super cute!

Why aren't you looking forward to the Bachelorette Party! I'd think that would be fun!

Children of the 90s said...

Good luck! Sounds like you're making some serious progress. I love that future Bridezilla picture...too funny!

In this wonderful life... said...

these pics are great! cute blog!

Preppy Little Dress said...

All your hard work and dedication to your wedding will pay off big time! Good luck with everything, I know it will be beautiful! :) ME

Miss Janice said...

I'm trying to catch up with my blog reading...meanwhile, you've been here just blogging away! Wedding stress...My Lord, I remember mine! I almost had a stroke! It's YOUR special day and it MUST be perfect...so, there's no way around the stress! It will be perfect and you will be beautiful:)

Anonymous said...

It does get stressful, things do go wrong but, you won't remember those things. you won't remember the font on your program or the food on your menu...it's crazy. Sometimes I forget our wedding song?? Gah. You will remember a perfect day. I am soo super excited for you! You are going to be perfect. :)