Monday, August 30, 2010

10 years

The Life of a Suburban Princess gave me the "You're Going Places" award! Thanks doll! I'm supposed to state where I'll be in 10 years.......I'm only going to try to imagine!

In Ten Years, I'll be:

* closing in on my 11th wedding anniversary

* almost 38! Yikes!

* surrounded by great friends and my family

* decorating a home I love (who knows, it might be in Florida, or still in Michigan?)

* free to travel to see my family in Naples more often

* still blonde (obvi)

* still dancing

* planning new adventures everyday with my husband

* just as happy as I am today...maybe even more so!
I always have an idea of where we'll be in a decade, but I don't want to plan too far ahead! I always have to remind myself to enjoy today, this exact minute, because otherwise, I'll wish my whole life away. I'm getting better at this. A few years ago, a colleague told me I was going ot wish my life away, and I could see her point. So now, I set mostly short term goals. Yet, I do have an idea of what my life in ten years will look like, I hope all our dreams come true!


Always Organizing said...

Oh honey, I'm much closer to 38 than you are, never fear!!! Cute post :)

Anonymous said...

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The Pink Tutu said...

I second the move to FL! Hehe.

Loving your idea of focusing on short-term goals. I tend to dream too big looking at the big picture and am probably wishing my life away. I've been trying to more in the present and live day by day. Embracing the little moments!

Minnesota Girl said...

Wouldn't you love to just pack up your bags and move to Florida?!? Beautiful weather all year! Especially Naples!!

I finally posted some of the professional pics from my wedding over @ my blog!

Candy said...

Your life in 10 years is looking good, honey! I'm sure you'll approach 38 with style :) xo

Kristen @ said...

aww adorable! It is weird to think about in 10 years!! It seems like forever away but it probably isn't, haha.

Beth Dunn said...

Sounds like a plan!

Bella Michelle said...

Love your list (even though I am on the other side of 38....just a tad bit...LOL).

Preppy Little Dress said...

I am sure you'll be living in a beautiful home in downtown Birmingham! Florida is for snowbirds....just kiddin' -- ha! ha! Nice list!