Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Things have gotten really busy over here in my world! Yesterday was the primary election, and the candidate we were supporting didn't win. We knew he was behind, so it really wasn't a huge shock. I will finally have my husband back, as he won't be campaigning all the time! I do like the candidate who won on the GOP ticket, and will happily support him this fall.

The Summer Reading Program here at my library is finally wrapping up! Next week is the last week, and I'm so happy. I feel this way every year. We just get a little burned out.

My brother is visiting this week from Brooklyn, NY where he is doing his residency. Tomorrow, after my ballet class, we're meeting at a new restaurant for drinks. I'm looking forward to seeing him and enjoying a nice cold diirrrtty martini! The restaurant is called SOUTH, and it really looks like a place one would find in South Beach. Certainly my kind of place! They apparently have no website, but here is the facebook link.

This weekend is supposed to be nice, and I hope I'll get some "sun time" in with my friend at her club. My pale legs are begging for it!

Also, B bought us matching vintage Schwinn bikes! They're really cool! I'll get a photo this weekend and post them up! I forgot how fun it is to bike ride...I feel like a 10 year old again!


Suburban Princess said...

Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned! Enjoy your time with your brother!

Minnesota Girl said...

Sounds like you have a nice, sun-filled weekend planned!

Red Lipstick said...

I wanted to say hello! I've been out of the blog world for a while and am looking up some of my favorite bloggie friends! I'm excited for you that you have a new bike! I want to get a cruiser type bike, rather than my very uncomfortable mountain bike.

I'm glad you are doing well!