Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Real Housewives of New Jersey

I watched Part 2 of the reunion last night, and I have a few "thoughts". First of all, I think Danielle is very unstable. She's also one of the most unintelligent people I've ever seen on television (and that is saying alot). She just isn't self aware at all, and the true victims of that are her two daughters. I've never felt more sorry for two people in my life. I'm actually shocked their father doesn't have custody of them. And now Danielle is a lesbian? Fantastic. I'm not saying being a lesbian is wrong and that lesbians aren't wonderful, loving mothers to their children. I'm saying I don't think Danielle is a stable person, and I don't buy that she is an actual lesbian in a committed relationship. And I don't think she's a good mother no matter who she is sleeping with.

That being said, I can understand why Teresa wanted to literally hit Danielle. Just watching the show, I wanted to punch her in the face. I've never punched anyone! She is so unreasonable and simple that it might lead a normally sane person to resort to violence out of pure frustration! I hope the other viewers saw what I saw. Oh, the tangled webs we weave.....she was getting busted on it all, and she just continued to walk off set. I would have liked it if they had just let Tresa at her! :)

Oh, and put on some appropriate clothes, you're 47. I see you have a terrific figure, but you look like an old washed up hooker in that outfit, Danielle, not a beautiful 47 year old woman. Expensive clothes made for 27 year olds don't translate well when you're 47.... I guess that wardrobe issue can be summed up in the wise wise words of the Countess LuAnne: "Money can't buy you class....."

And how awkward was this? Jacqueline's like "Thank you stop hugging me please.....let go....lettt gooooooooo......." Danielle kept telling her she loves her, and Jacqueline's all "Thank you....., please let me go now". Oh well, at least now Danielle will drop whatever charges she had brought against the other ladies. It appeared all she really wanted was to prove some sort of point, and once Jacqueline backed down, all was fine again. Really strange, some might call unstable behavior, in my opinion. I'm so glad she's leaving the show. Adios psycho!

Who's looking forward to the Beverly Hills season??? D.C. is a little lame.


Charlotte said...

SO looking forward to BH...Im quickly getting bored wiht DC. Sad to see the Jersey trash go, but hopeful for next season!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

I agree with everything you said! She has made the whole show too nervewracking to watch! It will be more fun without her on it!

I am definitely looking forward to BH. I have not liked DC. They are boring and pretentious!

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Well said! I am so glad Danielle is leaving. A psycho and the world's worst mother...I fear for her daughters too.
DC isn't doing for me either...big disappointment. Atlanta is laughable and not in a good way. And I hope Beverly Hills is as good as NYC and Jersey.

Miss Type-A said...

I totally agree about Danielle. What a psycho! Also about DC...the Salahis are so annoying and the show in general is lackluster.

Oh, Sweet September said...

I totally agree with you! She really is unstable... and delusional.. and needy. She fights them and fights them and fights them, and the minute one of them (Jacqueline) starts to apologize, she loves them again! Yeesh! She needs help and more importantly, her daughters are going to need help from what she's doing to them :(

Always Organizing said...

Danielle is a hot mess!!! I do feel very sorry for her children. She is so unstable and those poor girls seem more mature than her.

Kaitlin said...

Yuck I cannot stand Danielle, however she did make good TV. Every time she was on the screen throughout all the seasons I would think, what planet does she live on!?

I was disappointed with the reunion. I was expecting more fighting. The gave all the good parts away in the previews.

The Pink Tutu said...

I always forget to watch, but it sounds entertaining! I somehow got sucked into Bachelor Pad . . . it's like I can't turn anyway even though it's horrible haha!
P.S. When's your next trip to Disney? I am so excited for Food and Wine to start up again!

Anonymous said...

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