Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tailgate Dessert

I took a little blogging hiatus last week, but I'm just dying to post the picture of the brownies I made for the Michigan State v. Notre Dame tailgate. Didn't they turn out cute? They tasted delicious too! We had a really fun time tailgating with my college friends and catching up with everyone.

My recently engaged college roommate/KD sister asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding next Fall! I'm so excited! I've only ever been a junior bridesmaid in my aunt's wedding when I was 11, so this is really my first time being apart of a wedding party. They're planning a destination wedding, which will be really beautiful and obviously extremely fun for all the guests!


Suburban Princess said...

Adorable!! They look yummy!

Congrats on being in a wedding - you must really love them! Or be young and have lots of energy lol. If someone asked me now to be in their wedding I would probably cry then try to find some way to decline while still being invited....unless it's a destination wedding lol.

Always Organizing said...

Those brownies are so cute!!!

Miss Janice said...

The cookies are so cute. I keep meaning to bake some football goodies! Weddings are so exciting especially when you are part of the wedding party! Destination weddings are the thing today...I never could have pulled one of those off. I was barely able to get it altogether for my wedding in my hometown. :)