Friday, November 12, 2010

November 11 & 12

SO thankful I was able to spend the afternoon with my grandma yesterday. I was off for Veteran's Day, and we had lunch together and were able to chat.

Speaking of Veteran's Day, I'm so thankful for all of our veterans and active solders. I had some time to reflect yesterday about both my grandfathers and said a little prayer of thanks for their service also. My maternal grandfather passed away over Labor Day weekend at 92. In past years, I've called him to wish him a good Veteran's Day and to say thank you. This year, it was in the form of a prayer.

My aunt and I were laughing yesterday recalling some memories of my grandpa. My birthday is next week, and it reminded me of a funny story from a few years back. My grandpa called me to let me know he was going to buy my birthday cake from Costco, and he was ordering carrot cake. I really don't care for carrot cake, and I told him so. He said, "Oh well, I love carrot cake, so that's what we're getting!" That story cracks me up! I really don't like cake all that much anyway, so I couldn't have cared less, but it was still hilarious, and it makes me smile.

Have a great weekend!


Always Organizing said...

That is such a great story about your grandpa! I find that the funny stories about our lost loved ones are the best.

The Preppy Princess said...

You know how I feel about vets Miss Freckles, so you guess how much I like your post today. :)

And the carrot cake story is excellent, good for him!