Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November 15 & 16

I missed my posting yesterday, so I'm covering two days today. Firstly, I'm really thankful that I finally found the coolest brown riding boots ever! I've been searching for years, and could never find the right pair. Here they are!

Terrible iPhone photos. Sorry! They're by Jeffrey Campbell (same designer as my wedding shoes), and I found them at the Lord & Taylor outlet. There were a steal at around $100 (from over $300)! Love a good deal!
I didn't post yesterday, because I was having kind of a hard day. My husband has been looking for a new job, as him tenure with his current position is coming to an end this December. He has lots of irons in the fire, and I know something great is in the works. I just have a hard time with the unknown. I wish I could go into more detail, but I can't on here. Last night, I came to the conclusion that what I'm most thankful for is my faith in God's Plan. Sometimes it's really difficult for me to be patient. I struggle with that everyday. Finally, I felt a peace come over me last night and I realized that God has a really great plan for us and for our future, and all I have to do is support my husband, work hard, and watch it all unfold. I believe the Holy Spirit gave me that peace of heart last night, and I was once again reminded how thankful I am for my faith. it's not always easy to give up worrying, but once I manage to do just that, I always feel better.


QueenBeeSwain said...

LOVE the riding boots. LOVE. you just cannot go wrong with a pair of 'em, they work for just about everything!



Preppy Little Dress said...

Cute! Where's the L&T outlet? Up near the outlet by Pine Knob?

Jennifer said...

Love your boots!

I will add you and your hubby to my prayer list. It can be so difficult to wait on the Lord's plan to unfold. I am sure the Lord will work everything out in his time and for the best!