Sunday, November 7, 2010

November 7

I LOVE reading. And am so thankful when I find a great book. If you love Florida (like me), and reading about scandals, especially of the rich and fabulous (like me), you need to check out this book! You'll be thankful you did! A great book makes a long elliptical workout fly by. Nothing makes me happier than getting on that machine, setting the timing for 75 minutes, and losing myself in a wonderful book.


Cool Gal said...

I am currently reading "The Help," but will check this out when I'm done.

Thanks for posting.

Miss B. Leigh said...

I love Palm Beach, the Breakers, ahhh!!!

This looks like a great book... It's going on my reading list immediately!! :)

Although I hope it won't ruin any future vacations in Palm Beach?? Eeek!! :S

QueenBeeSwain said...

OMG- you said it about a great book and a staple-workout that you just love!

PS- you and your bff are just adorable! love all the blondeness- your hair looks incred!


I Love Your Whole Face said...

I just reserved it from my library. Thanks for the suggestion!