Friday, January 28, 2011

Bedding Ordered

We decided on the Birkeland series from Ikea for our new guest room furniture.
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I love it! It was a ton of work for B to put it all together (thanks babe!), but we are both so happy with how it looks in the room. Plus, I slept in the bed the night before last, because someone was snoring really loudly....

I wasn't sure about bedding for my "nautical" room. I have been browsing, and I finally decided to use $75 worth of gift cards I had from Pottery Barn, and ordered an ivory duvet cover and shams. The "white sale" was going on, so the monogramming was complimentary. After it was all said and done, I only paid around $67, which I think is quite a steal! I ordered the bedding in ivory instead of pure white, because though the furniture looks to be pure white, it's actually closer to ivory. In our master bedroom, I bought ivory bedding from Crate & Barrel. When I held it up to the new furniture, it matched beautifully. I really hope I made the right choice here! As I mentioned before, I'm not really very confidant in my decorating skills. This is a learning experience, and I'm trying to enjoy myself. I'm following my intuition.
We chose monogram style 11 in navy thread.
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The duvet has shipped, but the shams are scheduled to arrive in April.

Next, I'll start shopping for accessories- lamps, tissue box cover, waste basket, artwork (though, I already have two really neat things to hang), and a mirror to go over the dresser. I'd love a seashell mirror....I might need to get "crafty"....I'm really expanding my horizons!


QueenBeeSwain said...

great pick and this is a set that you can keep for the guest room or a kid's room for your whole life and you didn't even have to blow the bank on it! well done.


Preppy Little Dress said...

FREE monogramming, I have to check this out! Can't wait to see everything once the room is done! What color are you painting the walls?

The Preppy Princess said...

That looks wonderful, I know it is beautiful in the guest room, you have a good eye Miss Princess, no need to lack confidence!

Sending you a smile,

LPC said...

I'm with TPP - you are doing very well so far. Don't doubt your abilities. Just remember, a light hand and good "bones" will take you far, far, far.

Suburban Princess said...

I love the bed! I am keeping an eye open for a new one too - thanks for the inspiration!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

I like it!