Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Oh blog, how I've missed you! I swear I had plans to blog up a storm while in Naples, but I was too busy spending time with my family and enjoying my vacation. Then, I came home, rang in the New Year, cleaned and organized our office (new furniture), helped my husband get rid of tons of old clothes (and subsequently buy some much needed items at the mall on Monday), purged my own closet, and all before I came back to work after two weeks off! The last two days have been spent catching up. And now, I can re-enter blogland. :)

You know the type of person who always remembers to bring their camera everywhere, and takes lots of photos which they post on facebook and their blog? I really wish I was that type of person. B bought me an awesome camera for my birthday, which I packed for Naples, and carried with me everywhere. I didn't, however, remember to use it all the often!

I did get a picture of some of the beautiful lights on 5th Avenue in Olde Naples. If you squint really hard, you might see my sister in this picture!

Beautiful, no?

I was lucky enough to be in Naples on December 29 to celebrate my dad's birthday. I made dinner for our family. Here he is with his cake. Publix made it. It was too nice out for me to spend the day baking a cake. Plus, my skills are good, but not THAT good. This cake was delicious!

New Year's Eve was really fun this year! My best friend and her husband hosted a party at Che*n Ch*ow (If ever in Birmingham, MI, eat here! Best Sushi in town!). I had more fun ringing in 2011 then any other year. An evening with good friends and food really makes for the best memories.

For some reason I look slightly tipsy in the closer picture. Reminds me of Clueless, a "full on Monet". Love that movie.

I hope you all enjoyed your Holiday Season as much as I did! I love Thanksgiving, Christmas, NYE, and both my parents' birthdays (Dec. 29th and Dec. 31st) so much, but I'm happy to have all the decorations packed away and the start of a new year! 2011 should be the best yet!


Suburban Princess said...

Sounds like a fun, busy time!
I think everyone is purging closets this week!

Always Organizing said...

Glad you had a great time. Happy new year!!!

Preppy 101 said...

I, too, wish I was a "picture-taker"!! Sounds like a fab time! Happy New Year! xoxo

Freck said...

Welcome back my dear!! Happy New Year :)

The Rest is Still Unwritten said...

I definitely need to work on picture taking!! I am that person who takes their camera everywhere, yet I never remember to take photos!

You look so gorgeous! Happy New Year, friend! I've missed you!