Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Portrait of Camelot

When my boss retired, she made a donation to the library, and each staff member was given a small budget to purchase a few books. The first book I selected is Portrait of Camelot, and it arrived today! It's a beautiful coffee table sized book, which includes a dvd of film footage, edited to accompany the book. I'm very excited to start reading this book, and to watch the dvd.

I also wanted to share with you a gift I received from my mother-in-law for Christmas. A few months ago, the Jacqueline Kennedy Jewelry Collection was featured on QVC. B and I watched, and I mentioned that I've always loved a certain brooch Jacqueline owned and is wearing in several pictures I've seen during the White House years. I had sort of forgotten all about it when I opened my Christmas gift from my mother-in-law: The website says:

"Jacqueline Kennedy purchased the original version of this crystal sunburst pin in June 1961 while in London. It's the symbol of King Louis XIV of France, the Sun King. On a side note, this was also Jackie's favorite historical era."

Here is a photo of her wearing it in her hair at a White House dinner with Andre Malaraux, the French minister for cultural affairs. He approved Jackie's plan for the Mona Lisa to travel to the United States for display in D.C. and New York:

I wore my version yesterday, and received many compliments. I wore it pinned at my hip to a black skirt with a black turtleneck. Some people thought it was part of a belt. The reproduction is just stunning, and very well made (in the USA, no less). I am thrilled to own such a beautiful piece of jewelry!


Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Your pin is beautiful! What a nice gift. I always enjoy the the JKO Jewelry shows on QVC. It's like a fun history lesson along with the gorgeous jewelry. It's so entertaining! Would love to take a peek at that book you picked out. Enjoy your new piece of jewelry.

The Pink Tutu said...

Hi! What a gorgeous pin. So stunning. The book sounds great too. Is your surgery coming up soon? Thinking of you and hope all goes well!

Suburban Princess said...

It's so pretty!!!!
I hope you are having a great week!

Cool Gal said...

That brooch is just beautiful. Love the way you wore it!

The Preppy Princess said...

Ooooh, how wonderful you were given the brooch, it is stunning, and I love the way it must have looked on your skirt!

That's a beautiful book Miss Princess, definitely on my list of those I would like to own as opposed to reading via my favorite library.

Sending you a smile,

I Love Your Whole Face said...

I just added this book to my amazon wish list (which is about 10 pages long) :-)

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