Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easter Dessert

My In-Laws have asked me to bring dessert for the family's Easter celebration this year. We are having dinner at my husband's grandmother's home on Holy Saturday. I'm glad we're celebrating Saturday so that B and I are free to go to Mass Easter Sunday and then brunch. We did this last year too, and we really enjoyed the day. We hope to make it a tradition for our little family (though the kitty will just have to be there in spirit!).

Last Summer, we went to the Irish Hills with B's family, and I made a nice French Toast Casserole (Gosh, I sound like my grandma...everything was always a "nice" _____. Food, especially was always very "nice". She'd make a "Nice breakfast with some really nice toast and nice jelly". Haha. Guess I've picked that one up!). My MIL made me laugh because as B and I were preparing the casserole the night before we planned to eat it, she comes up to me in the kitchen and whispers that no one else's kids brought anything (we're mostly adults with a few teenagers), and she was very proud to claim me as "hers". She said, "Oh yeah, that one's mine, and she brought a delicious breakfast!" She and I get along well, but that secret compliment just made me smile, because I was happy to make her feel proud of us as a couple and me as her DIL.

Needless to say, I really want to impress with my dessert next weekend! I've decided to make two desserts, because the family is huge. I'll make the New York Style Crumb Cake from Martha Stewart (Living magazine March 2011) I made to take to work as a "thank you" to everyone who pitched in when I was out with my hip surgery. It is delicious, simple, and serves many. If you try this, think cutting the crumb topping in half, as there was way too much when I made the full recipe. I plan to cut it for next weekend.

B suggested I make something chocolate as the other dessert, so I'm making a cake. An Easter chocolate cake! This is test my decorating "skills", and I use that term loosely, to their fullest! I'm making a basic chocolate layer cake with Swiss Meringue Buttercream frosting. I plan to decorate it with coconut dyed green on top and Cadbury Mini-Eggs. I found this picture as inspiration:

Cute, huh? I then googled "Easter Cakes" and even more inspiration! Someone even made little cake ball "pop" that are yellow chick-a-dees and some that are tiny decorated Easter Eggs! Kappa Prep could preobably whip some of those up, but I fear they are beyond me. So cute!
I do hope I can pull off some version of the above cake though! Or who knows? Maybe I'll be inspired and do something even cooler?


JulesTX said...

I love the look of the cute cake with the cadbury eggs on top.

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

Such cute (and nice!) ideas. I'm sure you'll come up with something perfect.

Miss Type-A said...

The coffee cake sounds delicious! Definitely post pictures of whatever you come up with for the dessert!

Annabel Manners said...

That Easter bunny cake is the cutest. And no wonder your MIL is proud - sounds like she totally lucked out! :)

Jennifer said...

I hope to make the cake pops soon.I always make Easter Egg cakes from my grandmother's molds.
i had to laugh about the "nice" comments...bc we always say...let's have a nice salad!
Jennifer aka Gigi