Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Jacqueline

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Today is Jackie's 82nd birthday. I've read so much about her and studied her life in such detail, that sometimes I feel like we know each other, or at least that I know her. It may sound odd, but the reason why I think I've spent so much time reading and studying anything and everything I can get my hands hands on about this woman, is because I feel connected to her in many ways. Our childhood and adolescence experiences were errily similar, as well as some personal relationships. Where we differ, I admire her more because some of her strengths are my weaknesses. She's an icon yes, but, to me, much more. Happy Birthday Mrs. Kennedy, wherever you are.


Kellie said...

I found your blog and its funny how much we have in common except im 17 lol i also live in the midwest, im a republican, love audrey hepburn and I find Jackie very interesting as well, i actually went to Jackies grave in DC this day last year not knowing it was her birthday until i saw flowers and happy birthday cards. My grandma has really neat books about jackie and kept old magazines about her that i am now reading. I love class and elegant things as well, so i lovee your blog:)

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Cassy said...

Belated happy 82nd birthday, Jackie!

Cassy from Guitar Made Easy