Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I'm extremely happy to report that my new iPhone 4s arrived last week. I was really looking forward to getting the newest iPhone- looking forward to the better camera and Siri, and finally having a white phone. But MOST of all, I was looking forward to returning to the Verizon network. AT&T simply doesn't work where I live. All the apps took ages to load and frequently froze. Now, I'm back with Verizon and loving life once again! Siri means nothing if I can't answer a phone call while sitting on my couch. My husband and I would actually have to run upstairs to the front bedroom anytime we wanted to make or answer a phone call! Several times I'd try calling and texting him, only to find out that he never received a call and the texts would arrive hours after I sent them. I actually stopped at home once just to tell him I was going to my friend's house to help her with something, because I couldn't get him on the phone!

It really bothered me because we were paying the same price for service that didn't work. AT&T has towers in the area, but they're not equipped to deal with the number of iPhones and smartphones in the area. Wtf? If everyone ran their businesses like that, they'd all be out of business! Funny thing, when I would travel the phone would be great. Just not in my hometown where I spend most of my time. ;)

So back to the promised land, Verizon, we return, and I couldn't be happier! I think I'm going to buy the protection plan this time. I also think I found the perfect case:My favorite book, after all....

What other accessories should I buy to make sure this thing lasts??


Carrie said...

iphones are bionic imo

I know two people who shatter the glass and the phones still work perfectly.

I can't wait until my contract is up and I can get one.

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