Monday, December 19, 2011

Over a month

I can't believe I haven't posted in over a month! I've probably lost all my readers. If there is anyone out there, I'm so sorry! Life's been busy.... 

November 18, I turned 29. I'm not setting any really big goals for the year, but I will read all of Jane Austen's novels before I turn 30. I've also decided I am going to start being 5 minutes early, rather than rushing all the time. I'm hoping I can just make the second goal a habit. 

Thanksgiving was uneventful, but lovely. I did 80% of my Christmas shopping on Black Friday and the rest online. We also saw the Twilight movie on Black Friday. I don't know why, but even though I find most everything associated with that series really annoying, I'm committed to it now and I must see it through. If only I had such follow through with dieting, or learning a second language....

December 3-10, we were in Cancun Mexico. I needed to get all my shopping done before this trip, because after I came home, I've only had two days off before I head to Naples on Thursday. Work has been busy and so has life, so I've neglected my blog. 

Cancun was really lovely. The weather was perfect. My husband and I enjoyed two massages and lots of alone time, which was just what we needed. Sometimes it's so great to just tun out the world and be alone with each other. While in Mexico, I received the news that I was selected to work the two "press days" for the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), which is help in Detroit, next month. I'll be working for Audi as a hostess. I'm very thrilled, and I have my fingers crossed that this will lead to other auto show accounts in my future. I'll keep you posted.

Here are some photos from our trip! 

 View from our room. We upgraded to the concierge level and it was well worth it.
 Swing bar! How fun!
This was when we took the resort bus to the Sun Palace, our resort's sister hotel. The marines showed up! There was a small pod like vessel on the beach. I, of course, saw it, and stepped right over it on my way to join B for a swim. An hour later the Marines were there with AKs and a drug dog.
It was full of pot. I joked that I missed a huge business opportunity. ;)
 Rocking my cute jumpsuit before dinner our last night.
 After a beach party.
 At the Beach Palace, another sister resort. My Kate Spade hat was the star of this picture.
We took this at the rooftop bar at the Beach Palace.                                        
More rooftop....                                           

Ok, so you know that SNL skit with the "double toilet"??? These chairs where everywhere at our resort. We had to use the timer on my camera so we could get this cheesy picture!


The Rest is Still Unwritten said...

You look great! And I've missed you. Yeah, I've lost lots of readers myself since I didn't blog much while I was pregnant. You need to visit my blog, I'm hosting a giveaway :)

And yeah, that a pretty big missed opportunity ;)

Always Organizing said...

Welcome back!!! Sounds like you have been up to lots of fun stuff :)

...just another preppy shopaholic said...

Welcome back, looks like a lovely trip. Heading to Naples soon? We adherent going over NY's, hopefully in Feb or something. Although pour weather hasn't bern that bad, ha! ha! Hope you have a wonderful time over the Holidays!

Cool Gal said...

How fun. Your trip sounds amazing. Loved all the photos. I adore the Kate Spade hat. Perfect with the suit (I just might have to have one!).

I hope you have the merriest Christmas. Enjoy your time in Naples...sounds wonderful! :)

LPC said...

Happy Holidays Princess!