Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The EveryGirl's Guide to Life

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I read this book a couple months ago, and I really enjoyed it! I decided to wait to share it with all of you, because January is a great time to read a book like this. I'm not really into making New Year's Resolutions, however, I do take inventory. Typically, I take inventory on my birthday in November, then I check in with myself (that sounds funny....) in January to see how I'm doing.

Whether you make resolutions or not, and regardless of when you "take inventory" of you life, I highly recommend this book anytime if the year! First and foremost, Maria Menounos is really down to earth and has organized this book very well. She gives tips on everything from finances to home decor to exercise. Some chapters were more helpful for me personally than others, but I read the book cover to cover and learned helpful tools in each chapter.

I most enjoyed the chapters on skincare, makeup and hair. Maria shares her personal secrets, secrets she's learned from professional makeup artists and celebs, and offers products at several price points. This book introduced me to vitamin E cream, and I now use it every night.

She also talks about her journey with diet and exercise. I love working out and try to eat a healthy diet, so I figure, I can always learn more. If you're just setting out on a fitness plan, you will really benefit from this part of the book.

Some of the career advice Maria offers is simply priceless. Some of it is common sense, but often we need a reminder. She worked at Dunkin Dounuts in High School and used what could have been a very "breezy" job and turned it into an opportunity to build skills she still uses. Sometimes it's really easy to blow things off or have a bad attitude, but always doing your best really does pay off! it sure did for Maria!

I checked this book out from the library, and later purchased it for myself. Much like cookbooks, not all self improvement books are worth buying, so I always see if the library has them first. This book was definitely worth the cover price!

You can order the book by clicking on the "photo credit" link. Also, Maria Menounos has a great twitter: @mariamenounos.


Carrie said...

Thanks for the tip. I'll have to check it out - literally.

Bella Michelle said...

Looks interesting! Thank for sharing! Happy New Year!!!!

Always Organizing said...

I think Maria Menounos is adorable, I will have to check this out :)

The Rest is Still Unwritten said...

She is a cutie! I'd love to read it and I got a kindle for an early bday gift so I'm looking for suggestions!