Saturday, February 4, 2012

Another Day, Another Wedding

I remember being told that there would come a time in my life when it would feel like "everyone I know" would be getting married. Soon to be followed by the time when "everyone I know" would be having a baby. Though everyone isn't getting married all at once (I have a friend who attended nine wedding in 2009 and was a bridesmaid in five of them!), we have attended our fair share of weddings over the last couple years. I got married 10.24.09, was a bridesmaid in my college roommate's wedding last year, 10.22.11, and we will both be bridesmaids in our other roommate's wedding this October, 10.20.12! I love that we'll have anniversaries so close to one another. Certainly making for fun possible celebratory visits and vacations!

We are, once again, in full wedding excitement, and nailing down details including BQ's bachelorette party in Chicago this Summer. I'm not super into bachelorette parties, but I make the best of them, and once I'm there, I always have a fun time.

BQ has a great sense of humor. We pretty much worshipped Mean Girls in college and religiously quoted the movie to one another. "Boo, you whore" took on a life of it's own in our house.

I think this sums it all up....
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Anyway, I'm thinking of buying this glass for BQ's party....

I think it's pretty hilarious and probably something that'll make her laugh her you know what off! What are you're thoughts? Hmmm, I wonder if there is a "Boo, You whore" glass available???


Beth Dunn said...

That is such a cute cup!

Cool Gal said...

Buy it! Perfect.