Monday, February 13, 2012


Getting into modeling has been such a fun and interesting experience. It has really helped me to broaden my horizons and meet lots of new people. One such person is a makeup artist I've been blessed to work with and we've become dear friends. He is amazing and one of the few people in this world who knows exactly how to make those around him feel like they can do anything. He's always so encouraging.

He also sells Avon, though he doesn't exclusively use it on his clients. I had never used Avon products, but now I'm hooked! The makeup is good quality and inexpensive. The skincare is wonderful, and I'm addicted to the eye cream. If you don't use eye cream, start now! I've had so many makeup artists and facialists tell me that the sooner one starts using it, the better. One lady told me if I started using it now, I'd thank her in 25 years when my skin stills looks great. So I use it every morning and evening. You should too! ;)

I was just going through the Spring Avon catalogue and I've got to admit, they have some darling jewelery. Sure, some isn't really for me, but most of it is really cute. I have a few pairs of earrings I love and some rings too.

Since Easter is quickly approaching, I'm dying to buy this ring.

What I love about it is that I can really wear it anytime of the year, and especially in the Spring! At $9.99, it's a great deal.

If you're interested in ordering Avon, and you don't have a representative, you can order through my friend's website. Let me know if you order anything and what you think!

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Jennie said...

I think that I've actually tried Avon mascara before. I have long eyelashes, but I was truly amazed at how much LONGER they could actually be! My only problem was that it was clumpy, but I think that was because of my technique in applying it, not because of the formula itself. I tried to find it at Target, but to no avail! Thanks for the link-- I might actually buy something! :)