Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pink Jeans. Because, why not?

I once read that if you've lived through a trend once, you're too old to wear it the second time around. I'm sure this is sound advice in some cases, but when it comes to trends from the 90s, I'm sorry to say, I'm hoping on the train again! The last time colored jeans were popular I was in middle school and attending a school with a strict dress code. Luckily, "colored jeans" were permitted and the Limited Too store was supplying my demand.

 Now, colored jeans are back, and I think at 29, I'm ok to wear them. I was dead set on red, but once I tried on the bright pink, I was sold. Express is running a special right now: buy one, get 50% off the second item. On everything in the store! SO, I bought two pairs of colored jeans, or jeggings as I reluctantly call them.

Are these not darling? I'm not really a regular shopper at Express, but when I want something trendy, I typically find what I want there. I also had a great coupon for an additional 40%. Both the promo and the coupon made my purchase a steal at around $80 for both pairs of pants. 

The best part is these jeans are wearable now with boots and a sweater or a scarf, and very wearable as the weather warms up with ballet flats, sandals or heels. Now I need to find some pretty blouses and fun polo shirts I can wear with my new pants!

Also, my husband and I popped into The Gap to find the store ready for Spring. The Gap went through a few terrible years, but let me be the first to tell you, they're back in a major way! They introduced Gap Pure, which is the softest, coziest looking items I've seen in a while. The remind me of the line CK had in the 90s with the soft tees, sleepwear and robes. Also, Gap Fit has a some great workout/yoga items at really great prices. The feel of the pants and the fit remind me of Lulu, only you won't be dropping a third of your rent on two pairs of yoga pants. The quality is there.

Also, the Spring line is darling! Preppy, nautical, and all the staples you'd expect from the Gap! I wasn't compensated for this little update (though I wish I were, because I could have spent $1000.00 or more in under ten minutes....), I just want to share the love! :)

Can you tell I'm really really ready for Spring????


Carrie said...

You'll look great in those pants!

Always Organizing said...

I love that colored jeans and khakis are coming back. I'm a few years older than you so I rocked my colored jeans in high school, but loved them :)

Will definitely have to check in at the Gap!

LPC said...

Yes. I think you're good to go!

MySavingStyle said...

That's funny. I just bought pink jeans at Old Navy yesterday, $19- and two cute tops to match. One has adorable birds on it, the other is off white with orange and pink stripes. I'm a few years older than you, but I think I can rock it. My niece (15) got red jeans and she looks great in them.

Suburban Princess said...

I would love a pair of pink jeans! I just dont know if skinny jeans are for me lol

Red Lipstick said...

adorable! I too want to try a pair of the pink!

Cool Gal said...

OMGoodness...you will totally rock those pants. Love the color!

I am so excited for spring too. I don't even want to say what I've paid for my recent LP purchases (Friday and today). I also bought the most beautiful KS dress. Bring on spring.

Love that you will revisit "trends" from your youth. As much as legging are in, I just can't. I lived in them along with over sized sweaters for much of the eighties. Yuck. Made me look huge! Can't forget the parachute pants either. God, I hope those never come back in style. LOL...

Hope all is well!

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