Thursday, October 18, 2012

Satisfaction and Scarves

Something wonderful and unexpected has happened to me. I can't put my finger on when, but over the last several months I have been overcome by...well, contentment. It feels like I am finally enjoying a moment of satisfaction. I am working harder than ever and feeling very financially and emotionally secure. Ironically, all the money I'm earning is going untouched, because at the same time, it seems, I'm satisfied in other areas also. I literally have done little to no shopping all Summer and Fall. This was not a choice, just sort of a "moment". A moment where I have everything I need. AND, I'm not "wanting" for anything either! Contentment....ahhh, exhale and enjoy......

However, I have have been diligently using my Saks Fifth Avenue Mastercard for most purchases this year, and I'd earned quite a nice Gift Card with my points. In case you don't know, the Mastercard earns points on all purchases, not just those at Saks. It earns 3 points to the dollar at salons and spas. My blonde hair is not God given (shed tear...), so all those appointments earn me 3 points to the dollar. Even manicures!

Anyway, I'm off topic. So I have had this lovely gift card for months! And, sure, there are things I can buy, but nothing made me feel like I just had to have it. :) Contentment.... again, this is a first for me so I am going to really try to keep it up forever. Last night, my husband and I were laughing at the fact that this card is still unspent. I mentioned I've always wanted a Burberry Scarf, but they seem so expensive, and really it's just a scarf.

His eyes lit up. He said, "You've always wanted one of those and you'd have it forever (this is true, I take really good care of my things, so it will last forever). Plus, you earned this card, so buy something for yourself. Something a little over the top."

So I did:

And it should be on my porch in under a week. Plus, the Friends and Family sale is on, so I saved 20%. This scarf is beautiful. It'll be cozy and stylish. It's a classic. It's my taste. But it's more. It will always be the scarf that will remind me of this moment. This perfect moment of complete satisfaction. And if I start to lose this new found mentality, I will let the scarf be my reminder. I can no longer "wish my life away", because contentment is so much sweeter than I could have imagined. And my husband is right, gift cards earned by religiously buying practical items with your credit card and paying it each month and not going over board (which could be a temptation during Saks Double Days...) deserves to be spent on something a little over the top. A bonus item, not a necessity.

Cheers to my husband for helping me out on this one, and for contributing to this beautiful, satisfying life we are so blessed to lead.


LPC said...

Most of my over the top items have served me quite well:). Especially, actually, a long hot pink Loro Piana scarf!

Always Organizing said...

So lovely, enjoy it!!!

Barefoot in the Park said...

something you will enjoy forever!

Kagiso Dipale-Amani said...

Such a brautiful scarf! A timeless classic