Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pilates, Debates, and Books....

I am way less sore than I had anticipated I would be this morning. My arms and abs are a bit sore, but not so much so that functioning is an issue. I am happy that I feel it a bit though, because that means I am working new muscles that I don't always get when I do my normal workout at Bally's. For those of you who don't know this is what a reformer machine looks like

Now here is what I will be looking like in a matter of no time at all
PhotobucketThis is by far the most "fun" form of exercise I've ever done!

Now on to this evening. My fiance works as a Political Liaison for a high ranking Republican official in Michigan. Due to this, we get to go to all sorts of cool events, both political and not. Tonight, we are attending a debate for the Oakland County (our county) Prosecutor race. I am very excited about this because I've never been to a live debate, and also because (and I know this is a bit silly) I get to wear this pin B bought be. Its a pink Republican Elephant! I never get to wear it, so I will tonight, and I will take a picture to comemorate the event!

One thing I love so much about reading other people's blogs is learning what they're reading. Perhaps this is because I'm an aspiring Librarian? It is also a great way to learn about a person and their interests. Take Tickled Pink and Green (a blog I adore, btw), she posts all sorts of great books, many of which I, too, would like to read, on the right side of her page. So, I figured it was time I share a great book with you all that I started last night. I'm sure many of you Southern Girls have already heard of this book. (I seriously feel I was born and raised in the wrong region of this great country, but that is another post all together!)

Photobucket This is the funniest book about wedding planning I've found! I am planning to finish it this weekend, and pass it along to my mother, who will die laughing as she reads! So will you!

For Mother's Day, I purchased some wedding books for my Mom. Of course I went directly to Emily Post, to which my fiance commented, "Who is Emily Post, and what makes her such an expert?" I had to explain that you don't ask questions, you just obey Emily (and her children/grandchildren/nieces who are not authoring her books)! I bought this book Photobucket from I also bought an edition from 1963, which is also available at This edition is pretty cool. I love the nostalgia of that era. Perhaps I wasn't only born in the wrong region, but the wrong decade!

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