Monday, July 21, 2008

Pink Elephants

I had a really busy week, followed by the weekend, where I did next to nothing. Worked on Saturday for the mother of my friend, and then relaxed Sunday. I attempted to get a tan, but not much really changed.

Here is a picture of me prior to the Prosecutor's debate.
July 2008
The pin is more visible in this picture.
July 2008
And here, B thought he was doing a Republican photo shoot or something.
Before Debate-7.08
I was laughing at him and washing my hands. I look kinda silly.

The debate was a really cool experience. I met some other members of the Michigan party and various people B knows through work. I got tons of compliments on my pin too!

Yesterday I had a terrible migraine headache. I don't know if any of you have ever had one, but its miserable! I actually had to put my head down on my desk at work! I almost went home, but then the prescription I take for migraines kicked in and I was able to finish the day. This morning I did a much more mild workout. I don't know what really triggers the headaches, but I thought I'd take it easy today to be on the safe. I have my next Pilates lesson on Thursday and A can't come! I will be there alone on my second week! Ahhh!

This weekend is the annual Birmingham "Day On The Town". It s basically a sidewalk sale downtown with the most amazing deals. A few years back, my sister, G, got a pair of AG jeans for $40 and we each stocked up on James Perse shirts that were $20-$30 each! She and I both have to work on Saturday, so hopefully when we get there, we'll still find some deals. I want to check out Roots too, because B loves the store and I might be able to find a little present for him. He'll be in Grand Rapids for work. He has been working so hard recently, I think he deserves a little something!

Here is a picture of my sister, G and me on B's birthday (6.14.08)
It was really a great evening. He and I went to dinner at Big Rock Chop House(our wedding reception will be held at The Reserve, which is affiliated with them). We love this restaurant and had a great time. Afterwards, our friends and two of my siblings met us at Cameron's Steakhouse. We all sat in the bar and had a blast. They have the most amazing Molten Chocolate lava Cake there, that we had for B's birthday cake. here is picture, but in real life its even better.PhotobucketI'm not even a real chocolate addict, but this dessert really does it for me! That's how B knew he had to try it, because I'd been raving about it for about a year. He said that if I loved it and I don't even really like chocolate, then for him it's be life altering! Lol!! Anyway, it was a great time. if anyone has any other ideas on how I treat him for all his hard work (other than a super cool Roots hoodie), please pass it along.

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Vineyard Vogue said...

I love your pink elephant pin.. where did you find that?! I'm from metro-Detroit too, so if its somewhere nearby I would love to pick one up!

-Your Fellow Michigan Republican :)