Thursday, July 24, 2008

Next Food Network Star

B and I are big fans of this show, and I am a huge fan of Lisa Garza. We normally DVR our favorite shows and then watch them later without commercials. Last night we watched The Next Food Network Star, and I was pleased to see that Lisa advanced to the finals (along with the other two dudes, boo). I was worried that her promo session wouldn't actually turn out as well as it did. I think that Bobby Flay really coached Aaron, and that was why he did so well. He is actually my second choice to win, though.

I would definitely watch Lisa's show. I think her Beautiful Basics point of view is right of my alley. I need to broaden my horizons away from Italian and into French! I also think her style is perfection. But what really sold me? Oh, the fact that she is a former beauty queen! She is a woman after my own heart! Now I need to find out where I can buy one of her aprons! Who do you all like?


Lauren said...

I hope Lisa will win too! Her culinary point of view appeals to me more than the other two. I didn't know she was a former beauty queen?

Enjoy your weekend!

Princess Freckles said...

I agree. I think she'd has a popular show because she does appeal to most women (and men I think). Her profile says she is a former beauty queen, but I cannot find where/when she competed. I've been searching the web! Haha!