Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Recap From the Weekend

So this weekend ended up being pretty great. It all started on Thursday when I was at work. I recently moved into the Children's Department (I was working in the Circulation Department for about 16 months before I moved). I had been a little bit stressed out with the move and then also with some other things going on with my family. Around 2;30 in the afternoon, a man came looking for me with flowers. I first thought that they were from the staff in the Circ department to say "good-bye". They were actually from my fiance! I was so surprised and really touched. The only other time I had flowers delivered to me was when I turned 23 and he sent an orchid plant to my college apartment. Anyway, he said he just wanted to put a smile on my face, and it surely worked! I felt so special! Lol. I posted a picture. Its from Thursday and they are actually even more beautiful now as the roses have opened a bit.


I made cupcakes on Friday to help celebrate the 4th. I thought they looked cute after I was done decorating them.


They look cute on my plates too!

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