Thursday, August 28, 2008

Vinyasa Yoga

I took a Vinyasa Yoga class last night which had a major effect on me, and not in a good way! Positive things first. I loved the faster paced yoga. I also loved the repetitive movements. I could do that at home. Now for what I didn't like, it was 100 degrees in the room! I'm not exaggerating. I'm not being dramatic. When A and I walked in, set up our mats, and began to stretch, I was already getting really sweaty! By the time the class was half over, I had a pounding migraine headache and felt nauseous. The teacher probably thought I was such a wimp, but I was seriously devoting all my concentration to not getting sick! By the time I got home things were getting worse. All my eye makeup had melted down my face, so I looked like a raccoon who recently spent a few hours sobbing! B went out to buy me some dinner and long story short, I ended up actually getting sick and falling asleep at 9:30pm. Not to mention, after my shower I was too weak to comb (let alone blow out) my hair, so I had quite the mess this morning!

Does anyone know about Vinyasa Yoga? I'd like to find a fast paced yoga class where the A.C. is on! Like I said, I loved everything about the class except the fact that I physically cannot exercise in 100 degree temperatures! I get heat-induced migraines. Apparently this isn't a new thing with me either. When I called my mom this morning, she reminded me of my failed attempt at soccer when I was in first grade. I do have a faint memory of playing a game in extreme heat and getting sick! How embarrassing? I'm sure that event cemented my love for ballet and my dislike for most other physical activities growing up. If anyone has any advice, please let me know!!!! Maybe the best advice is to stick with Pilates?


Vineyard Vogue said...

Eeek! Thats kind of scary.. waaaay too hot for exercise. I know of a yoga studio on Main in Royal Oak. I took a class there once but it was a little slower paced. You can see if they offer the Vinyasa though! I remember it being nice and comfy, temp. wise!

tlm said...

I *think* part of Vinyasa is the heat...not to be confused with hot yoga. Hot Yoga is over 100 degrees and Vinyasa is just at 94 degrees. (although I am not sure I would notice the difference) There are yogas that are faster paced and more rigorous, but I am not sure of the names. Good luck! I love Yoga!