Monday, September 22, 2008

Dems Need Not Apply

I wonder if I have any liberal readers left? If so, this post is not for apologies! For all the others, I received the best email from my father the other day with some great cartoons and images. I wanted to share some of them.

I love this one!


I find the above image disgusting! I could go on a rant, but I will not. I will only say this: something is seriously wrong with that picture!

I love this! Caribou Barbie:

I grew up riding on the back of my Dad's Harley, so I get a kick out of this:


For all you hockey/soccer/ballet/busy/tired/feeling-like-nothing-but-a-chauffeur Moms!


I'm sorry again for anyone who doesn't support the McCain/Palin ticket, this was not meant to offend, simply a shout out to Sarah Palin! I just can't get enough of her and I am so pleased with this ticket!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I was so happy to see the Spartans beat Notre Dame! It was so much fun to be back on campus and see my friends! I can't help but wonder...if Notre Dame creamed Michigan and MSU creamed Notre Dame.....I won't get my hopes up though.....


Kappa Prep said...

This was so fun! I am glad there are so many of us out there who are not afraid to speak up for what we believe in!!

Randall said...

Hahaha - I haven't seen any of these yet! I love the bike comparison!

Muffy said...

LOVE THIS! You are brazen for posting this- and Muffy LOVES brazen people! HAHAHA!


preppy little dress said...

OMG, i love it! especially the comparison with obama with his hands over his privates - too funny!!

Belle-ah said...

LOve your blog...thanks for coming by Southern Somedays...hope you will be back soon!!! (((hugs)))

JULIE said...

Awesome - it's so nice to hear someone praise Palin instead of rip her to shreds. I think she is awesome! Thanks for sharing. PS - I was so happy that MSU beat Notre Dame - go Big Ten Football!

E said...

hi there! i came over to your blog from red and white preppy, and just wanted to say hello! i really like your blog, and look forward to reading more in the future!

Lipstick said...

Love it!!! I just found you from your KD comment on Newlywed and just had to check out a sister. I knew I would love you! I just bookmarked your site!

Kim said...

YAY!!! Someone brave and honest enough to put the dems in their place:-)

Obama/Biden will not win -- says Rush!

Kim said...

YAY!!! Someone brave and honest enough to put the dems in their place:-)

Obama/Biden will not win -- says Rush!