Friday, September 19, 2008

The War!

Between me and my hard wood floor that is! I seriously feel like its a battle these days to keep the floor clean and dust free! I have assembled a team of appliances to help me.

When I set out to start cleaning the floor, I first sweep with a normal broom. I find that the broom leaves a lot to be desired, so I normally follow my sweeping with this little guy:


Cute, isn't he? I let him run for about an hour or an hour and a half. There is a washable pad on the bottom of the ring that collects the dust and dirt I've missed, and the ball in the center is rechargeable, so its great!

After my "little robot" runs, I "mop" with this wonderful contraption, The Shark:


Mine is also purple, which makes it even more awesome. The only problem with this is that I sometimes feel like I'm simply pushing the dirt around. The pad is definitely picking up a lot of dirt, but there is also a line of dirt and dust left behind once I switch directions. Literally a thin, wet line of dust!

My solution? I am buying one of these:


It is available in purple, too, to match the Shark! I'm hoping my adding in the vacuum aspect to my first step, I will eliminate the "dust line"! Don't get me wrong, The Shark is wonderful, but I think by adding the Broom Vac, it'll be even better!

My other favorite appliance (B says its the best $40.00 he ever spent, because I use this thing all the time) is my Dirt Devil Kone! I have it in champagne, because I leave it out and that matches the house decor perfectly!


I love this little guy! Boy, am I nerd or what? I hope once I buy one of these, I will have won the battle against a dusty floor!

I also wanted to ask Red and White Preppy to please add me. My email address is: I tried to find your email address, but failed. :( I'd love to start reading your blog though! And thanks for the nice comment and the invite!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Tomorrow I'm heading to East Lansing to tailgate before the Michigan State v. Notre Dame game! I am super excited to see my college roommates and other college friends I haven't seen in a while. It should be a blast, especially if we win!


Nicole in Michigan said...

I've never seen that item in the first photo, what is that? I have a roomba, but that looks different.

Princess Freckles said...

Its a RoboMaid. My fiance actually ordered it from ebay! I think its basically a roomba for hardwood. Isn't a roomba for carpet?

Kappa Prep said...

I have the Dirt Devile Kone in pink and love it!

Always Organizing said...

I totally want one of those Dirt Devil Kones!!!

JULIE said...

Have fun at the game! I myself have been coveting one of those Shark steam floor cleaners :)

Randall said...

Our new house has wood floors through the entire place - looks lovely, makes me cringe to walk on the grit.

I'll have to try out some of your suggestions!