Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I'd rather focus on fashion....

Last weekend, I was playing my usual Fall role of football widow when I stumbled across a Legally Blonde marathon. It got me thinking about fashion and political fashion. The second installment of Legally Blonde had some really cute fashion choices! Granted they were mostly pink!


This got me thinking about fashion and politics in general. I really think the two are closely linked. I do not aspire to ever hold office, but I sure hope B runs someday! I think that the "political wives" are such assets to their husbands and how they dress really sets the "tone" of the campaign. Think for a minute about Jacqueline Kennedy. Her style influenced the campaign, the administration that followed and the entire nation! Women copied her style everywhere! Even the way she decorated the White House started trends. I certainly think her style is still being emulated by political wives everywhere! I'm certainly a fan of both the woman and her style!

Last night Cindy McCain was wearing the most beautiful cobalt blue suit, which was stunning with her platinum hair. Michelle Obama was wearing a red shift that was very sporty and flattering. These two women are in the position to dress to compliment their husbands and represent the respective campaigns. Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton both dress much more conservatively in muted colors (Palin) and pantsuits (Clinton). And people still think Palin is, what, too pretty? I know we are all very educated voters, and would never vote for a candidate simply because their wife dressed nicely, but does anyone else enjoy observing their fashion choices? I wonder if we will ever again have a First Lady like Jackie who influences our lives so much?

Jackie on the Campaign Trail:
Perfection amplified!

Now for Mrs. Obama:
Please don't copy this America!!!!

My opinion is not politically motivated! That dress is hit!
She has much improved though!


Now for style perfection:
Also in purple-

I want this outfit!

Remind you of anyone?




Working Girl Two said...

politics and fashion are soooo linked. and being a politician's wife is 100% a job in itself. putting off the best image, whew they are def. Working Women.

Muffy said...

What a fun post! I love the pictures! Cindy McCain is SUCH an inspiration!!!!

Kappa Prep said...

I just love Cindy's style. In my opinion she always looks like a star.

Tickled Pink And Green said...

Ever since I saw the video of Cindy at the convention - doing all the charitable work on her own, no cameras and media following....I have more respect for her than ever.

The Curbow's said...

Seriously, Cindy is so beautiful and such a great dresser! Usually, I get peeved when people compare women who are unworthy to Jackie O, but Cindy, I think that comparison is ok.

I'm new to your blog and just wanted to tell you -- I love it!!