Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Check It Out.

I bought the cutest note cards at the pharmacy that other day:


I love robin's egg blue matched with black and white, or even with brown. I couldn't believe I found these for only $3.75! When I go wedding invitation shopping, I plan to also purchase some fine personal stationary.

I'm sorry my posts have been short and sporadic this week! I've been busier than usual at work (where I do most of my blogging)!

Oh and by the way, Sleeping Beauty is being rereleased on DVD today I love this film. Its my favorite Disney Fairytale!

Here is a little montage:



The scariest villain:


And a picture from my trip to Disney World in April:

How cute is this movie poster?



Self Confessed Lamp Tramp said...

Beautiful note cards...I've missed you. I'm going OUT this week, Stay in touch with me as I hope to stay blogging from the Cape!

Randall said...

I have those too, did you get them at Wal-Mart? My mom picked them up for me and they are so cute!

Stationary has been one of the most fun parts of wedding planning so far. I cannot wait to buy beautiful new stuff with my married name and pick out our first Christmas cards!

Muffy said...

OOOH! Love these notecards!

AEG said...


Always Organizing said...

Hey PF! I just saw your comment and you were nowhere near deletion! There was a blog that was out of control negative and it really turned me off. I'm all for different opions and expressing them on your blog. Your blog, your rules. I just chose not to read one anymore because I felt the person was acting in a very juvenile fashion and was promoting a negative environment that I didn't want to partake in.

Anywhoo, enough of all that! I wish I had some thoughts on decorating from your last post. I tend to decorate with pictures because I'm not into that many knick-knacks, too much to dust!

Always Organizing said...

ooops, I meant "opinions"!