Saturday, November 1, 2008


Last night I turned on all the lights, opened the door and kids came trick or treating! Not one! I could hear them running and laughing across in the neighborhood across the street, but no one came knocking on my door! Boo.

All is well though, because instead of buying candy (pre-wedding diet is in full effect for me!!!), we bought Snyder's pretzels! I can take them in my lunch, or for a snack.

We also went to another Halloween party last night. Very fun, but we didn't really dress up because I had to work early this morning, and we didn't stay too long. This evening, we're attending another party (non-themed). Its a pot-luck, so I made Pumpkin Crisp last night, and am making a yummy appetizer also. The appetizer is french bread slices covered with pesto spread, mozzarella cheese, and Roma tomatoes. I'll take pics!!!


Muffy said...

Sounds fab! I hear you about the pre-wedding diet! I am totally watching it too!

Kathleen said...

Hi, I found your blog through another blogger and love it =) What's pumpkin crisp?