Saturday, November 29, 2008

I am a Baking Machine!

Well, Thanksgiving is over, and I am finally feeling rested again! I decided this year I wanted to be more of a help to my mother. This is partly because I'm the best daughter in the world and partly because my sister and I have decided that some of the side dishes my family normally has are sick and we're going to slowly phase in new options. So, here is the rundown of what I made this year:

1. Two Pumpkin Pies (I know Costco has really big pumpkin pies for $5.99, but I think homemade tastes a lot better!)

2. Pumpkin Crisp

3. A Tomato Pastry appetizer. Its a recipe I got from Paula Dean's Christmas cookbook. Its basically a puff pastry with cheese, a tomato and spices baked in the oven. It was a major hit with my Italian family!

4. Corn Casserole

5. Artichoke Bake (found in Martha Stewart Living, November 2008) This was delicious!!!! And I'm glad to say was requested for next year too!

I actually surprised myself that I got all this stuff made and was only 30 minutes later to my mom's than I had planned. On Wednesday, E came over and we made pies. Everything else was made on Thursday morning!

Last night, B and I put up the tree and other decorations around the house. We had a little issue with my angel (its just too heavy), so I'm going to take a bow from my mom. She has these huge plaid bows she places around the house. I am going to put one on the top of the tree. If its cute, it might permanently replace the heave angel.

B also put up the pre-lit garland I bought at Costco. We had originally planned to put this on out banister, but there was no plug nearby and it is a little too long. So he hung it above the kitchen window and then added a string of red lights to give it a little more color than just the white. it looks perfect! I plan to head to Micheal's after work to pick up a few things. I'd like to get regular garland for the banister and just add ribbon or something to it to dress it up. I also need to buy the materials for my mother's Christmas present (I'm attempting to make her a Spring/Summer wreath!). I have so many coupons, so we might even be getting a new centerpiece!

I hope you all had a wonderful Turkey Day! We all have so much for which to be very thankful!

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Lorie said...

Yum! That sounds wonderful!