Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Nothing Post

Nothing too exciting has been going on recently. I will, however, bore you with the details:

Princess Freckles Recent Boring Agenda

1. Put together the almost final guest list for our wedding. I was pleasantly surprised to see that we were under 150 guests! The list has 143 people on it. Also, I have plenty of invitations. I was actually concerned at one point that I might not have ordered enough. Glad to see that I was wrong.

2. We have our engagement photo session tomorrow. These pictures were done in December as part of one huge family session. There were really only two that we liked. Our wedding photographer is doing another session tomorrow in town at dusk. Our photographer emailed me a few shots he'd done with some other couples at night, and they looked very cool. We're excited! I'm wearing a navy cashmere dress from Banana Republic and B is wearing a gray suit.

3. I'm also doing my makeup trial tomorrow. I feel like this might be the stupidest thing I've done on a long time for two reasons: A.) I'm 99% sure I'm being charged for a regular makeup application. I'm not even going to tell you the price, because its so outrageous! B.) Do I really need a trial? I know about makeup. I've had lessons and had my makeup professionally applied in the past. Why pay twice, when I could just tell her exactly what I want the day of my wedding?

4. I'm fairly certain that I've finalized how I'd like my hair done for the wedding. I'll be irritated if I'm suckered into a "trial" for this too. Awhile back I did this post with some of my ideas. I have decided on something like this:I haven't always had bangs, but I have for the past couple years. I've really labored over growing them out or keeping them. I've decided to keep them. I just find them flattering on my face, especially in photographs. I plan to buy a little hair pin like the one in the picture. My stylist liked this picture, but she suggested I might need clip on extensions for this style. At $200, I really don't want to invest in extensions for one day. We'll see. I'm not totally against the extensions, if they'll make all the difference. Couldn't I just buy a bumpit? I may grow out my bangs after the wedding, who knows?

5. My library's Summer Reading Program is coming to an end next week. I couldn't be happier! Its been nuts around here! Maybe that's why I seem to have writer's block!


Rachel H. said...

I love the hair!! And AMEN about the make-up trial. I think my hair trial was worth it, but my make-up trail was a waste of time!!

Lamp Tramp said...

This is such an important post and certainly not a "nothing post". We understand that all these details are huge! YES! Do the makeup and hair trial, if you like them PAY FOR IT! so worth it. If you don't like what they did, find someone else. Daughter and I both had this done and on the total scale of expenses, it was on the low end, but money so well spent! Liz had a couple trial hair and makeup sessions before she found the right one. She and I went together the day of the wedding, and we totally enjoyed our pampered time before the wedding!

Lamp Tramp said...

Also, it was so easy to know the day of the wedding, that Liz and I did not need to worry about hair and make up! It was all pre-planned, pre-arranged, and done before...so it was perfect! No worries!

QueenBeeSwain said...

thanks for the kind thoughts and I'm thinking lots of magic sparklies for you two for the pics today- a total happy thought :)


Anonymous said...

That's definitely not a boring schedule! I loved hearing about your details and am really excited for you!

Kristin said...

That was totally one of my inspiration pics when I got married!