Tuesday, December 15, 2009

10 Things That Make Me Very Happy!

Grace In Her Step, Headbands & Handbags, Pink is my Signature Color (private) and The Preppy Princess tagged me to participate in this fun tag! Thanks ladies!

The rules for this are that I am to list ten things that make me happy! Here they are in no particular order:

1. My husband.
2. The fact that I am so blessed to have a great job! We had some layoffs this year, and as I'm sure anyone who has experienced something like this knows, it was both scary and tough.
3. Nonfat Chai Tea Lattes from Starbucks.
4. Baking for my loved ones.
5. The 10 pounds I've recently lost.
6. Our troops. God bless you all.
7. being with my family who live all over the country. We'll be together for Christmas this year, and its the greatest gift.
8. Sunshine, sand, tiny umbrellas.
9. My blog buddies!
10. Lilly Pulitzer.

You all make me happy, so I tag everyone! If you feel like sharing with us, please do!

1 comment:

Preppy Little Dress said...

#2 --- so true! Believe me I know, I lost my job back in May. You are very fortunate to have a job you love! I just have to remember everything happens for a reason!!! :)