Thursday, January 28, 2010

Paprika Chicken

Good morning! I am in search of a great recipe for paprika chicken! I have the Martha Stewart Living recipe from the January issue that has a skillet recipe that calls for pork and paprika. I'd love to make B an authentic Hungarian Paprika chicken, but every recipe I see online is different! I was just going to try the Martha recipe and substitute the pork for chicken, but I was unsure id this was an authentic recipe. If any of my readers are Hungarian (like B), or you just have a great recipe, will you please pass it along? Thanks SO much!

Last night we ate at Pei Wei. Delicious! For those that don't know, Pei Wei is quick service P.F. Changs. The lettuce wraps are the exact same. I had Dan Dan Noodles, and B had Chicken Fried Rice. What a feast! If you're in the mood for some P.F. Changs, but don't have time, or just want less fuss (we carried our meal out and ate it in front of the tv, lol), try Pei Wei! It is such a yummy indulgence!


Kaitlin said...

my husband I love love Pei Wei. Until a couple of monhts ago we had one right down the street, but it closer. Seriously depressing. Dan Dan noodles are a little slice of heaven!

Muffy said...

You are in luck! Muffy knows many a Hungarian! I have an authentic recipe from my family. It's at home. I'll email it to you.