Monday, February 1, 2010

Chic Award!

Thank you to Southern Somedays for awarding me the "Chic Blogger" award! I'm very flattered! Thank you!

Speaking of chic, I'm on a hunt for something chic to wear for a cocktail party I'm throwing for Valentine's Day. I'd love to shop my own closet. What do you all think? I need to be comfortable. I was thinking black skinny pants, either boots or pumps, and a sweater of some sort? Thoughts?


Always Organizing said...

You are most deserving of this award! Maybe you could post a couple of outfits and we could pick?

ps. I would love your brownie recipe, thanks a bunch!

Ari said...

Congrats on the award. It's very you. I have no thoughts on the wardrobe but you have great taste and will surely come up with something fashionable.

Freck said...

Congratulations! Black skinny pants, boots and a hot red or burgandy top. Yes? How does Red look with your hair?