Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Busy Lady

The wedding this past weekend marks the kickoff of a really crazy couple weeks for us! Here's the schedule:

May 7-9: Wedding in Holland, MI

May 15: Spring Ballet Performance

May 19-25: Walt Disney World

May 29-31: Memorial Day Weekend. We are inspired by the Home Depot commercials...we're turning up our "doing dials" and whipping our backyard and patio into shape! We are also going to a Detroit Tiger's baseball game May 30.

June 1-4: B is out of town for work. I attend my friend's husband's band performance June 4.

June 5-6: Up North for a wedding.

June 14: B turns 30!!!! We celebrate the weekend of June 12th.

Insane couple week, no? Not to mention, I have a couple of dinner dates with friends, and celebrating Mother's Day over Memorial Day weekend, because we were driving home from Holland while my mom and sister were "celebrating". They were actually dealing with a minor health crisis, as both my grandparents are having some health problems.

I'm very sad to report that I didn't get any photos of the Tulip Festival. It was so cold and rainy that I only stayed a short while before I had to head back for the ceremony. After that I just hung out in our friend's hotel room. The weather just wasn't cooperating with me or the wedding! I did have a wonderful time at the reception, dancing up a storm! I'm really looking forward to the next wedding in June.

Heading to Disney will be a welcome change of pace! And I'm ready to see the sun! Its been a mild Spring, but recently has gotten cold again. I'm glad we've held off on "turning up our doing dials"* until the end of the month. I'm afraid everything would have died!

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I am certainly ready for some Disney Magic (and Disney Dining!)!!!

*planting flowers, herbs, vegetables, grass seed, etc. Cleaning yard in general.


Marissa said...

Wow, you are busy! Looks like you will be having a lot of fun though!

Suburban Princess said...

I actually got a little bit tired just reading your schedule!

Preppy Little Dress said...

Time flies when you are having fun! Have fun, especially in Florida! Oh and at the Tigers game too! Go DETROIT!!

The Pink Tutu said...

That sounds similar to my schedule. I have about a thousand weddings, showers, engagement parties etc. all lined up.
P.S. I think I am out of town when you're coming to Disney :( Bummer!

Christen said...

It sounds like your summer is off to a great start with wonderful experiences and adventures ahead of you ;) Enjoy!

Nishant said...

That sounds similar to my schedule.
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