Friday, July 16, 2010


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Everyday on my way home from work I listen to Whatever on Martha Stewart Living Radio on Sirius. Yesterday I called in and got on the air! I was so nervous, but I'm glad I finally decided to call in. I've always wanted to, but I normally chicken out! Haha!

If any of you listened yesterday, you will recall that one of the topics was about a proposed 13 story mosque being built near ground zero in NYC. They played the audio from this tv ad that has been banned from all networks.

I'd love to know how you all feel about this. Seeing the ad visually verse hearing it makes me even more upset. When I called in, I was really nervous, and I don't feel like I totally got my point across. I explained that as a Republican I'm sick and tired of these types of tactics by members of the party. It feeds ignorance and makes the rest of us look bad! Not to mention, as a Republican, I want to uphold the rights of Americans (the right to practice any religion???), and I'd like to see less government involvement in my life. Calling on the government to step in and tell a group of Americans where they can practice their religion seems a bit off, no?

On the other hand, I can see how this issue will upset people. It could be deemed poor taste to put a large place of worship for any religion right near the ground zero site. The fact of the matter is, the terrorists responsible for the attacks on 9/11 are extremist Muslims. They do worship at mosques. A mosque at ground zero will certainly upset and remind people of that tragedy daily.

Seeing that ad brings out so much emotion for me (and probably for you too)! Images of 9/11 are terrifying and so sad. This ad brings out rage in me actually! However, I think that rage needs to be directed in the right place. It's misguided to hold the entire religion responsible for the actions of a few, and I'm disappointed that a GOP Pac would try to propagate this ad. We need to be better than that! Especially with an emotionally charged issue!

When I was on the air I expressed my frustration with this type of advertisement as I really do think it makes us all look bad! They asked if I were "surprised" that the GOP was responsible for the ad, and I said I wouldn't say I was surprised. In all honesty, I'm embarrassed, and I want better from my party. I don't want to be the party that is seen to promote hate and ignorance. I often laugh when people ask me how I can support "the party of no". I say, "Well, someone has to say 'no' sometimes! Otherwise we'll be paying out in taxes more than we earn!" And that's true, but we also need to embrace true American values, even when its really hard!


Suburban Princess said...

This whole issue makes me sad. *sigh*

Princess Freckles said...

It certainly feels like we can't win either way, doesn't it?

Suburban Princess said...

You are right tho - it makes Republicans look intollerant - which is the only image most of us have of Republicans.

Ally said...

I really liked reading your views on this. I think it's a difficult topic, but I also think it's one that needs to be discussed if we ever really want to see any changes. I've had many conversations/heated debates about this topic with many friends. Thanks for sharing =)

Cool Gal said...

Tagged you! :)

Always Organizing said...

Great post! Good for you for calling in to share your opinion. It feels like politics in this country has gone to two extremes and the voices in the middle get lost. I am liberal on some things and conservative on others. I don't just subscribe to everthing one party says but I feel like there is no place for people like that anymore.

Anyway, I'll get off my soap box!