Monday, March 28, 2011

Material Things

I can't say that I'm not a materialistic person. I kind of am. I struggle with this quality in myself all the time. On Thursday morning, I dropped my iPhone on the hardwood floor of my house, and the face shattered cracked. I cried for a minute. I've cracked the screen once before. I ordered a new screen online and my husband was able to fix it. I've already ordered a new screen for this one, but the damage is a bit worse.

Over the weekend, I found myself sinking into a bad mood because of the broken iPhone. I reminded myself that it's only a "thing", and I shouldn't be so upset. That is when it hit me why I'm so upset. It's not because I broke a material item that I love, but also that can be replaced. It's because I like owning nice things, and I like having everything in good condition. I like things to be perfect! I was next hit with the realization that I have problems. Perfection doesn't exist, yet I strive for it everyday. When things break, or more accurately, I break them, I lose my mind a little bit. I need things to be "perfect" in order to feel good. The fact that I broke the phone is also problematic because I have no one to blame but myself. I am not careful in my movements. I break things often. Then I get angry with myself because things aren't "perfect".

I'm just putting this out there because I'm need to vent. I know that realistically, I'll always be a perfectionist. I also know that I will never be perfect and it's silly to try. This will be a lifelong struggle for me. I'm just glad I had a place to let it out today, because being in a bad mood over a cell phone is almost disgusting considering what else is going on in the world. However, my world is feeling lopsided right now, and I guess that makes this relevant.


Bella Michelle said...

Are you a 1st born? LOL I am and I like things to be orderly and neat and planned...and so does my 1st born! I understand whay you mean about not being materialist but liking nice my heart of hearts I know what is important (and stuff truly isn't it) but I enjoy pretty things and my mind is OK with that! LOL

You vent any time, sweet girl!

Emily said...

Girl, I am the same way. Anytime anything breaks, especially phones I flip out. And for good reason!! No need to apologize. It is ok to want nice, material things. Every one does. Feel free to vent any time... lord knows I do!! :)

Always Organizing said...

You certainly aren't alone in feeling this way!!! I have similar perfectionist tendencies and I sometimes get so frustrated by it.

...just another preppy shopaholic said...

Me too, and I am the oldest! LOL!

Suburban Princess said...

I think you are wrong. I think you know how hard you and your husband work and you know the value of everything you buy for yourself and honour that by taking care of your things.

I go through the same thing and yes, it's my own perfectionism too but it's also because I feel awful that hard earned money has been wasted or lost by carelessness.

Daphne (Flip Flops and Pearls) said...

HAHA,,,,,I had to make sure I wasn't the one writing this post!!! I am the exact same way. EXACT!

If it makes you feel any better, I shattered my screen, I waited for like 2 mths to get a new one when I was able to upgrade. It drove me NUTS. Honey, less than 2 weeks of getting it, I LOST IT!!!!!!! I was traveling, went into the bathroom at Market in Atlanta (you can imagine the people) sat it down, walked out and went right back in....GONE.

Had to go get another. Had it about 7 mths....yep, the screen again. Cracked horrbilny not shatterd. Used it for about 2 mths... NOW I AM HAVE A NEW ONE and so far so I gotta go find some wood to knock on:)

I feel your pain. I hate scratches and or dents on things. I hate when my papers get creased, lol!

*** At the end of the day, no life was lost, we are healthy and stuff can be replaced. Hard to think that at the "moment" though

QueenBeeSwain said...

know exactly what you mean.



xena said...

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