Monday, July 25, 2011

For the Love of Burberry

Remember when I'd saved the money for my LV, but was hesitant to pull the trigger? Looking back, I can't imagine why! I really love the bag, find it to be an excellent investment*, and felt really proud to have been able to save for it.

I might have opened Pandora's box.... Friday, I was at the mall shopping for a photo shoot I have next week (more to come on that), and I tried on the most perfect Winter coat ever. From this point forward, it will be referred to as " the coat that walks on water". Why I tried on a cashmere coat when it is 99 outside, I'm not sure, but good thing I did, because "the coat that walks on water" spoke to me....and it said, " your money, because you neeed me! You will not be able to walk on water, but you'll be warm, and you'll look gooood."
Here it is:
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Simply, minimal, and just lovely. if you felt it, you'd understand exactly why it's so perfect! it's as soft as a cashmere sweater.

While shopping online, I also found the below coat. It's so beautiful! If I had the means, I'd purchase it immediately! If you know me really well, you might guess why I'm so attracted to it....

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Did you guess? It's because style is eternal, my friends, style is eternal. While small details might change, there are some things that are always just perfect. In case you don't know, JBKO's coat was also a light camel in color with a beautiful fur collar.

Alright, back to the heat! NOT that I'm complaining, because even "the coat that walks on water" cannot make sub zero temps, ice, and snow anything other then simply "a means to an end" for this princess! I need the sun for my freckles, after all!

*Some readers might think that purchasing an expensive bag, item of clothing, jewelry or a coat isn't quite an "investment", but to me it is! I love fashion, I love nice things, and as long as my mainstream investments see regular deposits, my credit cards carry no balance, and all my other bills are paid on time, I see no reason why I can't save for, and purchase whatever the heck I want. For me, it's part of what makes getting up in the morning a little easier- to be able to put on something nice, or have the little goal in the back of my head for that great new addition to my each his own, but I don't really care what anyone else thinks about me referring to these items as "investments". I come from a school where, if I can purchase the item with cash, and none of my other bills suffer, I can afford it. And purchasing inexpensive things that break and need constant replacing might cost more in the long run anyway! Plus, I take really good care of my things. Okay! Hoping off my bedazzled soap box now!


The enchanted home said...

Hi I am one who has always believed in quality over quantity in everything from handbags and apparel to friendships! I do think good style is timeless, and a cashemere coat or good bag you buy today will be just as appropriate in 10 years, I have many many things I have owned and worn for 10, 15 years even. Happy shopping!

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely correct!

Have had my LV speedy since 1992 and it is still in style and still in great shape since i rotate so much!

love your blog!

: )


Always Organizing said...

Great post! I especially love your footnote at the end. I feel the same way. As long as all my obligations are met I see no reason not to save up to purchase something nice. If you work hard, then you should reward yourself from time to time. :)

Legallyblondemel said...

I'm with you on that bedazzled soapbox. Many of my best investments are sitting in my closet, but they never come at the price of a credit card bill I can't pay. As I often drone on about, I'm trying to buy less stuff, but better stuff that I'll wear again & again over the years.

Also, I love both those coats - excellent investments!