Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wedding fun!

We spent last weekend in Grand Rapids, Michigan, one of my favorite places, to celebrate the wedding of my college roommate and her, now husband, who I went to H.S. with!

The Rehearsal Dinner was Friday night at Cygnus 27, located on the 27th floor of the Amway Grand Hotel. Her Bridal Shower was also here, and it is such a beautiful restaurant.

Here B and I are goofing around at the actual rehearsal....
The bride is in the blush pink dress. Her sister is in black. The bride, B and I all lived together in college. Some of the best memories ever...

I wore my navy Elizabeth McKay B&B dress, finally! I bought it last Spring for this event. I had to have it altered, and now it fits like a glove! I can't wait to wear it again.

The wedding was held on Saturday at the Grand Rapids Art Museum. The museum made for the perfect backdrop for her wedding. It's very chic and modern, which is exactly her taste. The food was good, the cake (made of cake balls!!!) amazing, and we had a blast dancing the night away.
My bra felt the need to make an appearance by the end of the evening... Honestly, that dress kinda started to stretch out by the end of the night. We started getting a little goofy when we couldn't get her attention for a picture...My husband caught lots of candids, and I have to admit, I make some strange faces! I guess i really do wear my heart on my sleeve, and I'm just animated, I guess.

After the reception, we went to another bar for a nightcap with B and her boyfriend. Our tab consisted of two Jack and waters and three beers. The total? $22.60. I'm not kidding. It's basically free. And this was a nice bar! Where I live, and also for B since she's lives in Chicago, I can't even get a beer for under $5! I just love Grand Rapids! The downtown is so beautiful and clean, and there just seems to be so much to do. It's very alive there. I've always thought maybe we'd end up living there someday. Who knows? Either way, the cost of living is sure less. I kept telling my husband that, but he thought I was exaggerating. Now he gets it!


LPC said...

Semi-free alcohol, escaping bras, animation and good friends. Sounds like hella fun, as my kids used to say. You all looked beautiful, and you have such gorgeous gala hair.

I believe that groomsman is thinking, "Damn her husband is a lucky man."

Anonymous said...

You looked GORG as always! What fun times!