Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Jason Wu for Target


On Sunday, a friend of mine and I woke up bright and early and were at Target before it opened at 8:00a.m. We were able to purchase most of what we wanted from the Jason Wu for Target collection. The only thing I wasn't able to get was the cat tote, but my friend woke up at 1:00a.m. that morning and ordered me one online! Good thing too, because the store only had two and they were snatched before I could even blink!

I bought myself three dresses, the cat tee shirt and a beautiful light blue blouse. I also purchased two handbags and another cat tee shirt. I've listed them on eBay, but I wanted to share the sales with my readers too! If you see something you want, but don't want to bid, email me and make an offer! I'd be happy to sell these items to someone who I know through blogging who didn't get a chance to make it to Target in time. These designer sales are getting crazy!

Cat Tee Shirt, size medium: Cat Shirt

Straw and Canvas Clutch

Blue Floral Handbag

Here's what I bought for myself:

Unfortunately this  striped dress is a medium and too big. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I tried it on. :( Oh well, I've added it to eBay also. let me know if you'd like to make an offer on this one....

I can't wait for the tote to arrive! I wish I'd been able to buy another as a birthday gift for my sister in law. I think she'd have loved it! Oh well...when fashion is affordable you've got to take what you can get!


preppy little dress AKA "PLD" said...

Cute, I had no idea about the cats! Thanks for heads up, I am sure the good stufff is a gone! Cute dresses!!

cheesemonger said...

I got up early and ordered the white dress and the black dress online, but couldn't score a cat tote. My sister really wanted one and my Target had nada! Oh well. Cute things and looking forward to the next designer collaboration.