Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Look for Less

Over the weekend my husband I went shopping, and over lunch I decided I really want one of those huge, gold watches I see everywhere. The trend has been on-going and I felt like making an investment in another watch wasn't a terrible idea. Plus, gold looks great with Summer clothes and a Summer tan.

Off to Nordsrom we went to look at the Michael Kors watches. They retail for around $250, which isn't a terrible price point for a name brand watch. However, over lunch, I read a few reviews to find that the gold eventually rubs off the watch. This happened with my Juicy Couture charm bracelet and I rarely wear that. The sales associate assured me Nordstrom would replace the watch if/when (probably when) this happened.

So I tried on a few:
This was my favorite, but to be honest, it felt cheap. Very cheap. A few years ago I bought myself a Tag Heuer, which was a much more expensive investment, but one with which I felt comfortable because I knew I'd wear and love this watch for years and years. The Michael Kors watches are not investment quality, and I get the impression that the company found the highest price point people are willing to pay, because the consumer is mistakenly thinking that because the watch has the Michael Kors name, it's good quality. This is not to say I don't love Michael Kors as a designer, I really do! He's one of my favorites. I'm just not a fan of the lower end accessories from the brand.

So I ordered this watch:
This Mark by Avon watch is $40. And if the gold rubs off, I'm out less than it would cost to fill my gas tank. Plus, it's kinda cuter.... I don't love the fake diamonds around it, but I think once it's on, it'll look amazing. I'll be sure to post pics!

So, how much are you willing to invest in a trend? I find that I tend to naturally gravitate toward a classic style. Sometimes I buy trendy items, like the colored jeans. Sometimes I invest in trendier items because the lower priced version looks terrible and I really like it, or because I know I'll still want to wear the item after the trend fades and it falls into my personal style, so I won't mind wearing it after the trend fades.


Mrs. Type A said...

I got one of those chunky rose gold watches on Rue La La by Kenneth Cole for about $50. I figured the same thing-- it probably won't be in style forever and so I won't be sorry I put too much money into it. It's really cute, though, and I've gotten tons of compliments on it.

MySavingStyle said...

My sister in law bought the Michael Kors and the gold flaked off. Thankfully the store took it off, she is now wearing one of her husbands watches, and it looks really cute and on trend.