Tuesday, June 19, 2012

BB Cream

I've been reading about BB (Blemish Balm) Cream everywhere these days, so I decided to do some research and try it out for myself. After reading up on various creams, I decided to go with an Asian company because that is where BB Creams are most popular, making up 13% of cosmetics in South Korea. One of the main selling points of the Asian creams is the "whitening" property of the cream. American cosmetic companies don't always include this in their creams. because I have a fair complexion, the whitening effect is a real plus for me. I've noticed recently, and I think this is something that comes with age, some darker spots on my face. I read lots of reviews and decided to go with Etude House Magic BB Cream.

How cute is that ad?

This product is seriously amazing! I ordered from Amazon and it arrived in a very timely manner, especially when you consider the fact it came all the way from South Korea! I've tried a few different foundations over the years, MAC StudioFix and MAC SudioTech being my favorites. However, this product trumps both! The formula is light, but the coverage is wonderful. My skin tone evens right out after it's applied, and it has SPF in it, which is a must for me. There is a light scent, but nothing too overpowering. I will add that my skin tone, while changing slightly with age, is still pretty even, so this product makes me feel airbrushed. I can't speak to how it'll work on everyone, but for me this is a real life saver.

You can find some "before and after" photos though a web search. I'd be happy to post some photos myself. I feel like this product really makes one's complexion look healthier. And it's going to help maintain a healthy appearance because it has sun protection!

Has anyone tried another BB Cream? Do you love it too? 

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Preppy Girl Meets World said...

I hadn't even heard of BB creams before. Will be sure to check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!